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Damn Freakin' Romaboos!
You're not Korean! Stop listening to K-pop, you Koreaboo!
You're not Japanese, you're a weeaboo, so stop watching anime!
You're not French, so stop liking Chanel and bonbons!
Stop enjoying AC/DC and Heath Ledger, when you're not Australian!
Stop consuming margaritas and burritos, since you're not Mexican!
Stop enjoying Harry Potter and The Beatles because you're not English!
You're not allowed to use the Roman alphabet unless you hail Caesar! Damn freakin' Romaboos!
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Nyaasu's Journal Entry Poem: A Departure of Four
On the eve of New Year's day, the Watchers four went away
With Nyaasu left to ponder why the Watchers four bid her goodbye
Did they leave for want of pairing? Was that Journal just too daring?
Was it due to dogs aplenty? Other art is one to twenty!
Was her Sora petticoated enough for them to be goaded?
Was the romance of vast age gap received by them as a face-slap?
Was it the drawings of equines that in their eyes did cross the line?
Did her Gotham-counter cuisine drive the four away from her team?
Does her love for Hatsune cause those Watchers great dismay?
Is her lack of flame-broiled meat the reason for their retreat?
Did her love for the Rising Sun cause those Watchers to up and run?
Is it that her FPS fills those four with much distress?
"What," she wonders, "is the cause?" for their seeming leaving clause
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They said the Sun disappeared during my birth; a slight respite for our scorched, desert earth
Excitement flowed through our torrid valley, the weary warriors it did so rally
Just as our brigand prophesy had sworn, the tribe's centennial king had then been born!
"It is you, on whom we rely"
"The boy born beneath blackened sky"
"Unite the tribe and lead us well"
"Repair the land on which we dwell"
The first priority in all their minds: To free them from the pauper's fate that binds
The first words that they spoke into my ear: "You will rise to power and have no peer!"
The first possession bequeathed unto me: The ultimate warrior's pedigree
"Usher us into a great golden age"
"Free us from the royal family's cage"
"Restore our glory and our faith"
"Spare the Desert Colossus from the wraith"
They instructed me in their thieving ways, giving me skills that cannot be appraised
They taught me well in their combative arts, believing in me deep down in their hearts
They trained me in skills of
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Nihon no Ko
Many miles across the sea, there lives a person who knows me
Better than words can convey, better than you or I can say
She talks to me with just one glance, leaving me in a speechless trance
Our tongues are used to different sounds, different languages are our grounds
Able to speak few words to the other, yet still the boundaries we can smother
Communicating to a purer degree, she's able to tell what I say, and I she
Without the exchange of needless speech, without noisy prattle do our words reach
Each able to give an expression, freeing the other of awkward tension
Her eyes bringing comfort with their gaze, her smile carrying many words of praise
Just for me, are these gestures for, while in her world I explore
Taking me softly by my hand, she shows me around, speeding the shifting of sand
Leaving night by our day's end, each knowing that we've made more than a friend
Reluctantly bidding a sorrowful farewell, being constrained by her next morning's school bell
We give our goodbyes in
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Wonder Twins Nerdy-ness Activate! :icontasogares-target:Tasogares-Target 0 4
Pony Rap Battle: Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle:
Check the mic, check the list, check the rappers to the floor
Jot this, Spike: They all missed, listening to them is a chore
They can't rap, they can't rhyme, they can't even keep a beat
There's a gap in my time, I'll pencil in their defeat
1) "Skim a book"
2) "Learn to flow"
Checked those items off my list
"Queen to Rook,"
I will crow
Away their corpses I will whisk
Matching wits with my doll is something they can't even muster
When they try, Smarty Pants will simply leave them in a fluster
I'm not bragging; it's a talent that they told me to not hide
"Your rap's cragging!" I've got to vent, "Are you really Derpy-eyed?"
They can't spell. I'm spell casting; conjuring up a body cast
My Mag Mell: beats I'm blasting; their raps will come in gaudy last
I learn fast; read for seconds, now I'm rapping like a pro
They're so crass! Failure beckons 'cause they have not any flow
Flowing tears down their faces shows their knowledge of defeat
They spent years
:icontasogares-target:Tasogares-Target 8 6
Pony Rap Battle: Rarity
Out of generosity, my presence, with you I'll share
Your flow is simply horrid! I tell you because I care
If you want to succeed, you should just imitate me
A perfect emcee would surely be a Rarity
I stitch together rhymes like I sew fine dresses
Your failed attempts are crimes! You are rapping messes!
I carry myself with the utmost finesses
Your misplaced urge to rap is one you should repress
For you have failed to keep in mind your pacing
Whereas it is something I have been acing
Even since before The Art of the Dress
I have rhymed like a pro, I must confess
My Diamond Dogs agree that my words wield power
It is only before me that they will cower
My rhymes, like my coiffed mane, can entrance a dragon
I don't fault you for jumping on the bandwagon
Your rapping is moot, I believe you can now tell
My time is too precious; I must bid you farewell
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Pony Rap Battle: Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie:
The party hasn't started 'till the pink pony arrives
Y'all will be rocked like my farm, give up and run for your lives
Your rhymes are lacking, were they written while baked?
You don't deserve retorts, I'll assault you with cake
My party cannon will trap you in streamers
If you think you'll win, then you're all just dreamers
No, wait a minute, you're just a parasprite
My one-pony-band's sure to win the rap fight
Your failed rhymes invoke my Element of Laughter
You're sure to be boo'ed out of Ponyville after
Give up now because you have hit the wall
My twitching tail says you are sure to fall
All challengers will fail and need first aid
And that's how Equestria was made!
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Oceanic Mermaid
Whenever I create something, I make sure it maintains the self-consistency of whatever world it's in. The world that I am creating for has limitations.
In an attempt to make it sound more official and formal like well written Wikipedia pages, I tried to use British spelling for words, but I may have missed some. All of the weird characteristics of it can be found in some form in other real-life animals.
One night around a year ago, I was lying in bed, thinking about "real-life" mermaids. The following is the result of that.
The Oceanic Mermaid is a species of fish found in intermediate ocean depths. Its name is derived from its resemblance to mermaids of folklore. Even though oceanic mermaids closely resemble the half female human, half fish of legends, they are in one of the taxa that make up the paraphyletic collection of taxa that all true
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Zoid: Geno Sniper :icontasogares-target:Tasogares-Target 2 22 Zoid: Blade Wolf :icontasogares-target:Tasogares-Target 3 12 NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa...Batgirl :icontasogares-target:Tasogares-Target 1 22 Autumn Scenery :icontasogares-target:Tasogares-Target 2 0 Sunset Bruised 006 :icontasogares-target:Tasogares-Target 1 0 Sunset Bruised 005 :icontasogares-target:Tasogares-Target 1 4 Sunset Bruised 004 :icontasogares-target:Tasogares-Target 2 6


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The YouTube Channel "How to Adult"
Someone is in need of help. If you cannot donate for any reason, please raise awareness so that someone who can may see it.

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(Expect this Journal entry to undergo many updates/edits)

What kind of meanings do you wish there were words for, that there aren't already words for (or that you don't know of words that already encapsulates the meaning)? This question is open to everyone. Please answer if you have a meaning you feel there ought to be a word for, even if you're just passing through my page and don't know me. Also, if you know a word that encapsulates the meaning of a suggestion, please tell me.

I think the concept that I most wish there was a word for in English is a "happy type of feeling flustered," such as when someone you like flatters you unexpectedly; specifically a condition where you like that you feel a little "out of sorts". I can't think of a word for this and I don't know how to search by definition, so if anyone knows of an existing word for this, even if it's in another language, please tell me.

I would also like a word that means, "a charming type of pettiness," such as when someone's fussing, or sulking is actually endearing/cute (basically something that makes you care for that person more), instead of off-putting, probably because its benign in this case. My use of the word pettiness here can refer to either concern over unimportant matters, or spitefulness (although again, only a benign kind). There are words that describe lesser negative things, like naughtiness, in a way that can show fondness for them, such as "mischievous" and "cheeky" for behavior and the modern definition of "rascal" and "scamp" for a person, but I don't know of a word that means "a charming type of pettiness".

I would also like a word that means, "a calm state of mind that makes you feel stronger". American athletes are always talking about "being in the 'zone'," but the way they describe it, it sounds like a very aggressive, highly excited/energetic, active state of focus. I've experienced something else that people keep trying to call "being in the zone," but it doesn't match their meaning. During times of exercise, or dealing with pain, I've felt a kind of tranquility, almost bordering on feeling as though I'm about to fall asleep (even when not slowing down my movements), where I feel somewhat detached from my current state. In the case of exercising, it almost feels like I'm no longer the one moving my body, even though if I look, I can see I'm still moving at the same rate, but with much less struggle/much more ease.

I would also like a word that describes "laughter from finding something cute" (as opposed to derisively laughing at something/someone, or laughing from something being funny), as well as a separate word that means "laughter from being amazed" (such as in marveling at an accomplishment). (These are two separate ones, but both about laughter.)


I would also like a word that describes "a feeling similar to nostalgia for something that you actually have not experienced". The nostalgic feeling is an integral aspect, which is why the phrase "déjà vu" does not fully represent this. It's not the same as just "wistfully wishing for something," because that neglects the familiarity component. I kind of feel like this one may exist, but maybe only in another language (which is a good segue into the next one).

I want a word for "suspecting that you have created a false memory, but not being sure if you have". Regular false memories would probably go completely unnoticed by the person with the false memories, unless it's pointed out by an outside source, but this is for when you start to doubt it on your own.

I want a word that means something like, "behaving/taking actions in a hopeful manner, even when feeling almost entirely pessimistic/hopeless about a situation". The feeling is that you honestly think whatever you try will not work, but you earnestly try anyway (expecting to fail) because being wrong in this case is just that important to you (you really want to be wrong). This is meant to apply to larger things, such as a world view, or at least a dire emergency situation, not something trivial.

I want a word that describes "a simultaneous feeling of appreciation for being honored and guilt/shame for feeling as though you do not live up to a compliment/positive assertion". This is not merely being humble, but rather a feeling more like regret.

I want a word that describes "a franticly paced thought process that allows you to respond to things much more quickly, resulting in a lot of 'close saves' without feeling as though you were on top of the situation in-the-moment". This type of "mind-racing" is entirely beneficial; it's chiefly characterized by having good results (maybe not outright success, but at least much heightened efficiency, awareness/clarity, reflexes, etc. (though it can also be total success)), unlike other states of panic. This is like performing well under pressure, but replacing the confidence with moderate amounts of panic and uncertainty while "winging it". I know this "hyper-mode" is the "adrenaline superpowers" people get, but I'm specifically talking about just the elevated cognition while feeling panicked.

So, post things you wish had words, or the words that mean these things.


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Nyaasu Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Click "translate from Russian" and watch Bing hit a god damned HOME RUN.

Nyaasu Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Before I forget!

I had a dream last night that I decided to learn the "hiragana" of Hanguel, just so that you could type things in Hanguel and not "romanji", so that I would always know the correct way to pronounce the words you type to me!

And I'm not going to lie, part of me thinks that'd be cool, but I also know I need to get better at Japanese still xD
Nyaasu Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Taso, you were right, Labrador works best for Kevin and makes me the most happy!

THANK YOU!!!! I mean it, it's a silly little thing but it made me happy today. :3
Nyaasu Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm going to watch the video you linked me to in chunks, and I started just now! I just wanted to say I don't think I realized/remembered that you play as a girl!

I do think their "hair" is cuter, so I approve. x3
Nyaasu Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So I was watching the Nintendo Direct and they stole your typo idea.
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